Public Transportation and A Great Steak

Date Info: 
Public Transportation People Watching 
Price: About $4 for an all-day pass
Location: Any city with public transportation 

Jacob’s Night: Friday 2/26/2011

Shortly after we met, we both realize our shared appreciation for the quirky things and people of this world. It became an instant connection- we knew who would be our partner in crime to laugh at weird events/sightings with. Texts and picture messages were often sent.
We had a night when we were newer friends where we played games with a bunch of strangers. Jacob sent me a text from across a room asking me what I thought the background on one of the unknown people was. I developed a life story and sent a few texts and watched him laugh from across the room, and then the favor was returned as he told me the story of another unknown individual.
Dates are fun for us because we’ve kept the tradition of sharing what people’s life stories may be, what they are up to that night, and what mood they are in and why. When we saw the movie Date Night we laughed at the dinner scene knowing we don’t make up conversations, but we do make up back stories. Man, we should hang with Tina Fey and Steve Carell!
Jacob, that genius, cooked up a creative date idea to combine our two loves of quirkiness and back-story inventions. He decided we would take the light rail throughout our area and watch people get on and off and then have to tell each other who these people were, where they were going, interesting hobbies, etc. It was a hilarious night!

In addition, we both really enjoy food and cool decor and settings at restaurants. We stopped at one of the coolest places close to a light rail stop.

Monti’s was built in 1876 and was used as a hotel in pioneer days. It’s been transformed into a steakhouse that sits on the edge of Tempe Town Lake.


It has awesome decor, a cool layout, a lake front view, and some pretty decent steak.

If you have any affinity for people watching and beef, I highly recommended this date!

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  1. Totally wish I couldn've read one of the stories that you made up about other people! 🙂 Funny!! Fun date, Craig and I are going to have to check that place out. Totally liking this date blog idea, you may inspire some new dates for us 🙂

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