Drive-In and Diners

Date Info: 
Drive-In Theater  
Price: $7 per person
Location: Any Drive-In Theater 
Website: AZ Drive-In Theater   

I don’t think we could have asked for a more perfect night to go see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie outdoors. A drive-in is a lot of fun on its own, even if you see a really lame movie, but it was really cool to see a pretty good movie. It’s also so fun to be able to take food with you into the theater and eat what you want. Even though it’s legal I felt that same rush that seems to come when you successfully sneak food in the theater with your purse. We love Chic-fil-a, you can get great food with low calories (Camille’s a fan), and great food with high calories (Jacob is a fan). Add in some of our coolest friends on our first of what we hope are many double dates to come, and the ability to spoon during a movie on its opening night, and yes, you have a stellar date!

Enjoy summer dating, the season is open and the drive-in theater was a great kick off!

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