The Great Home Makeover

Confession:  We’ve spent a lot of Saturdays or week days having date night the last month because we’ve been undergoing a great home makeover and sometimes weeknight project spill over or we’ve had to have something done before the contractors come on Saturday.  I think it’s important to know how to work hard AND play hard.  We’ve done both.  And even though I’d probably frown on most people telling me they spent date night painting their bedroom, it really was a great experience for us.  Sometimes a project that you do together can be something that truly brings you together.  We now sit in our kitchen and smile looking at the benefits or so much hard work, but hard work that was done TOGETHER.  I think it strengthened our relationship.  

Our house is more like a home.  And what other more stereotypical newlywed thing is there to do than to redo and not just figuratively but literally build a home together?

So please don’t mind our indulgent posts showing how some Friday nights/Saturdays/everyday some weeks were spent this summer.

So I introduce you to the new tab above entitled “The Great Home Makeover” to show you just what we dug ourselves into!

I will add post links as they come so you can see the before and after shots with some tutorials of how we did some pretty crazy things to a crazy old house!

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