Candlelit Steak Dinner

It never ceases to amaze me what $4 more spent on a dinner, some candles, and goblets can do.

Seriously, picking up two steaks at the local favorite farmer’s market and dropping $4 extra on that meat instead of our usuals seems to put a smile on both our faces. 聽Instead of dropping $40+ to go to a steakhouse and have a fancy dinner we drop about $8 and fire up the grill.

We had a talk this week about our marriage after inspiration from the previous post, and decided it’s time to add a little more romance and a few more fancy dinners to our mix, even if they are just candlelight at home.

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  1. Wow Camille, your post on the Thoughts of Eternal Marriage made me cry..seriously because I am so in that same boat right now. Thank you for sharing. Also when I came to Arizona Sam, Liesl and I went to that sugar bowl place…DIVINE!!!! 馃檪 Love you!

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