Subzero experience and free ice cream

Have you heard of Subzero? The idea was born in Utah when a chemist decided to mix fresh cream and ingredients with liquid nitrogen. The result is instantly frozen ice cream with a flavor of freshness hard to find elsewhere! We love it, it’s always a fun place to go in Gilbert or when in Utah (there are many locations). HOWEVER, the coolest part of this company aside from making science cool and delicious and recently being mentioned in CNNmoney, is the fact that they give a free ice cream with as many toppings as you want on your birthday.
I’m particularly grateful Jacob was born. My life has been one happy place since I met him 2 years and 3 months ago. If his good nature, funny sense of humor, hard-working spirit, and integrity didn’t get me, sharing his free ice cream (premium cream, white chocolate and cheesecake flavors, and brownies and cookie dough) certainly did! Happy Birthday, and thanks for a fun, FREE date Subzero!

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