Double Date Dinner Party at Home

Do you know what may be the most attractive thing in the world? A man making a romantic dinner at home!

We absolutely love to cook, and it’s even more fun when we do it together for a date.

But we can quadruple the fun by cooking for another couple and enjoying a dinner party.  Dinner parties may be the funnest dates of all.  It really is quality time with quality people enjoying quality food.  Did you catch the pattern- SO MUCH QUALITY!

We love our mutual friend Josh, and when we heard he was dating someone we knew a double was in order. It was awesome to meet his smart, funny, enthusiastic girlfriend Carly.  We’re big fans Josh, if we didn’t let you know already!  We let them choose the date from some ideas, and thought fondue at our house hanging and having dinner was optimal.  Sometimes the low key dates at home really are the best!
Look at these kids, who wouldn’t want to double with a couple this attractive?

We probably ate ourselves to the uncomfortable stage of pain, but at least we probably burnt half those calories just laughing our heads off.  Have I ever mentioned we have some funny friends?  Man we are blessed people- and will continue to cook so there is a reason for funny people to still hang with us!

We did a romantic individual fondue date about 7 months ago, and we were too full to even do dessert.  Don’t worry, when you eat with friends it is mandatory!
3/4 cup of cream brought to a boil with 3 1/2 cups chocolate chips mixed in and melted really do make one of the most delicious double date dinner parties out there!

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  1. soo…i feel all weird because i don't even know how i first stumbled across your blog (hi, by the way)….but i can't help commenting on this post because josh is one of my besties! i'm actually in that proposal video in the airport, true story…i was holding the “will you” sign. too funny!

  2. Hey katilda! Welcome and we're glad you stumbled across the blog! Isn't Josh great? I don't know anyone who doesn't just love that kid. I loved the proposal video- how cool is that to be a part of something so exciting!

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