Guest Post- Kristen and Reid

I had a super busy January with some new responsibilities at church and totally spaced posting a guest post from my awesome friend Kristen.  Sorry Kristen, better late than never right?  And now that you’ve had the baby you can look back and say “Wow I was a cool pregnant woman on a date!”  
Let me tell you about Kristen.  If you meet her you will love her!  Everyone does!  She is so much fun!  We first met in elementary school and became great friends by high school.  I can’t even tell you the good times our group of friends had together with no drama and non-stop laughs.  Kristen was a huge part of the fun-making that was high school, and not to mention she shares my love for the color red! 
She has a finance degree and has always been a financial whiz (just wait for her post, you’ll see!), she is super funny, she has a great attitude, amazing fashion sense, and is the type of Mom everyone wants to be.  Her blog has gained a following of those who want to laugh at the funny moments in motherhood, and trust me, you will!  As a Mom of 4 young boys her section on “mischief” is bound to make anyone laugh at the things her kids pull and her ability to laugh it off.  
She’s married to a super smart chemical engineer name Reid who she adores, and they love their home in Portland. 
Without further adieu, enjoy Kristen Mason’s guest post 🙂 

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