Cinco De Mayo Date Plans

This an email I probably sent to Jacob today.  I thought I should share just in case anyone else is in need of some inspiration!  

So Cinco De Mayo is on a Saturday this year.  I was thinking this could be a really fun date night!  And guess what, you’re the boy I date!  I’d love your opinions and additions to anything I’m not covering here as our two-white-kids-celebrating-Mexican-battle-commemorations festivities ensue.  
Here’s a few ideas: 
1. Dinner party at our house- potluck style with Mexican dishes
2. Go on a “pub crawl” for virgin pina coladas
3. Make reservations for one of the best Mexican restaurants in town
4. Make a pinata that looks like Summer Wheatly from Napoleon Dynamite and bust it open. 
5. Make a bunch of salsa types, eat pretty much only chips and salsa that night
6. Hit up a Hispanic Art Exhibit
7. Make authentic food at home, just the two of us for a romantic dinner. 
8. Take a salsa dancing class for the night
9. Find Mariachi band concerts, attend one.  (And there will probably be pina coladas in our hands) 
10. Attend one of the festivals, I found quite a few HERE
So there you have it, we can do one of multiple items on the list, or just stay home and make-out, either way works for me! 
Love you, have a great day!

And I grinned ear to to ear when I got this response: 

Oh My Gosh…
This is why I love you!

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  1. I love all of this! I might steal some of these ideas. I wish you could do all of these things. Maybe you can make a week out of it 😉

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