Bowling- With a Twist

Bowling has to be one of the greatest dates- it usually pops up in any top 5 list you search.  It also happens to be one of the dates people think of after dinner and and movie.  It really is great in itself, but we found a few things that add a twist that can make it even better!

1. Go with friends.  This is such a great group date to sit and laugh, be competitive with, or cheer each other on.  We are lucky to have found some couples in our same lot in life- similar ages, remodeling old homes in a neighborhood not many young families choose (thus we see at least one of them every Home Depot trip), share our religion, and share our passion for good marriages and fun!  It’s even better when one is an amazing photographer who hooks you up with pictures! Thanks Lydia!


2. Go when it’s free!  There are always promotions and deals, but we were really lucky to have a friend of a friend who did the business card in the jar thing and one several free lanes of bowling for her birthday.  We may not know you Kate, but thanks for letting us come!  And we’ll now start dropping business cards like it’s nobody’s business.



3. Cosmo Bowl, enough said.
4. Add a twist to the game, we did the following and laughed our heads off!
Frame 1: Opposite Hand
Frame 2: Eyes Closed
Frame 3: Spin in 3 circles then bowl
Frame 4: Granny
Frame 5: Dance before/Behind leg bowl (your choice)
Then repeat
Trust us, you will die laughing at the outcome.  Particularly when someone falls into a lane, does the Macarena, gets a strike with their eyes closed, or break dances.


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  1. My husband loves bowling! One time, we went with a few friends and some m&ms. The different colors of m&ms represented a different type of goofy bowling, so you picked one before your turn and had to do it according to color. It was a lot of fun!

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