12 Months of Dates May: Romantic Paddle Boating

We aren’t your typical romantic date people, I think we’re too goofy for this and have a hard time taking life seriously!  However, once in a while we seem to find ourselves in some of the most romantic places, with the most amazing scenery, and we’re glad we could enjoy some of these phenomenal dates together!

This weekend was one of those romantic dates, we rented one of these

Romantic Paddle Boating Date: An easy, inexpensive, creative date idea that's incredibly romantic!

It’s something we’ve talked about doing for quite a while.  However, Tempe Town Lake had a little mishap last year with the Dam, and basically drained almost entirely.  It was really sad, a terrible eye-sore, and we’re grateful to have it full again!

Consequently, this was a perfect fit for our 12 Months of Dates/Let’s Go on a Date for the month of May!

We ran and grabbed some food, and headed to the lake.  We both kept commenting on how the universe had given us this amazing gift of perfect weather.  It’s been unseasonably hot in AZ this spring, and we’re predicted to have the hottest summer in history.  We’ve already reached 108, and we thought this date could be pretty rough feeling sweaty and dehydrated- but the weather suddenly changed for a few days, and with a high in the low 80’s we had a perfect date enjoying absolutely perfect weather!


We started out at dusk, with great lighting, lots to see, and plenty of sun for our picnic dinner on the boat.

We decided Chic-Fil-A would travel better than In-N-Out.  We also love that we can get some healthy options there.  And by we I mean me, Jacob loves his 750 calories chocolate shake in ways you wouldn’t believe.  Everyone keeps telling us his metabolism will fade next decade, but I keep looking at his siblings and uncles and I’m pretty sure he’ll be enjoying the shake on top of his fries and sandwich for the rest of his life!  Please let our future kids get those genes!

Right as we finished dinner the sun officially set, and the lights on the bridges turned on.  It was like a scene from a movie with unnaturally perfect timing.



And as the night went on, the view just got more and more breathtaking.

(And watching the airplanes land only added to the perfect ambiance)




And in case you were wondering, yes, I did feel like I was in THIS painting.  I know, readers are so surprised that I would think that…right?

This was probably the best $25 we have spent on a date for two amazing hours!  (It’s only $15 if you do only 1 hour, which may be enough to most people).  Even if goofiness came out each time we sang “Kiss the Girl” when we passed people in row boats, we still enjoyed an overall very romantic night together.




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  1. Awesome date! There are paddleboats at a lake in my parents' community — I think I've got an idea for a date when we visit this summer! Thanks again for linking up!

    Also, congrats on the new jobs. What good news!

  2. Shannon you should so hit those up next time your at your parents' house!
    And thanks so much, we are loving them! I hope things are going well for you with summer vacation 🙂

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