Bisbee AZ Getaway: The Queen Mine Tour

When we heard it was going to be 112 in Phoenix, and 98 in Bisbee it kind of sealed the deal we wanted to go the weekend we went!  The main reasoning behind this was the Queen Mine Tour where you can go down in the mines and learn all about the copper mining industry.  The mine boasts of a 47 degree temperature year round.  Sold and sold!  We even packed pants, sweaters, and jackets to wear down there.  I know if you’re not from AZ 47 doesn’t sound too bad, but being used to about 107 and then dropping 60 degrees instantly feels pretty cold without your body being able to adapt.

After we went touring in our shorts and lightweight dress, we went and changed for the tour.  It felt weird to add a bunch of layers and then suit up in mining gear while it was warm above surface, but we’re glad we did!


We jumped on the “train” to take us down to the mines excited to stop sweating and go enjoy some history!

Our mine tour stopped once we were in to talk about the tight quarters, the shift of a worker, and to warn us that Bisbee is indeed a ghost town and that we may encounter “Headless John” or other miners down there.  He really cracked us up, he worked in the industry for so long and really knew the ins and outs.  He even gave us tips on how to “cheat the management” which was particularly funny to people who currently are and have been managers.  We smiled at the other perspective greatly!



Yes, we’re very aware that we look like anime characters in these pictures, it was really really dark, and our pupils just so happened to be ginormous!


Ever wonder how they went to the bathroom?  Meet the bathroom car.


Definitely one of the better ways to beat some serious heat this summer!

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