Creative Date Ideas in Provo Utah

Hey guys, if you missed the post yesterday I was recently featured in an article in the newspaper for my alma mater, BYU.  I was asked some of my BYU date ideas I would go on if I was still a student.  I seriously had to limit myself to only 12!  There are so many creative date ideas in Provo, Utah!  I wish I would have been more with it in the creative date ideas while at BYU and in my time teaching there.  
If you live in Provo/Orem or are a BYU student (or UVU student), do me a favor and please hit up one of these dates for me!

12 Dates We’d Go On If We Lived In Provo

1. Ride the sky lift in the summer/fall at Sundance or Park City
This offers a romantic way to see the breathtaking mountains in a new way, and it’s only about $11 per person!  
2. Play arcade games at Nickelcade
Can $5-$10 provide more fun?  Trust us, even girls enjoy the old school arcade games.  This is one of the cheapest places you’ll find to do this- do it while you’re still in Utah!    
3. Pack a picnic dinner and go hiking
You may not always have the mountains, and trust us, you’ll miss them.  Plan a romantic dinner hiking Y Mountain, Timpanogos, AF Canyon, etc.  It’s a free date, and food and a flashlight can create one amazing memory in a gorgeous location.  
4. Hit up Comedy Sports
Improv comedy will always yield a unique experience full of laughs.  It can be hard to find clean, legitimately fun humor in many cities, take advantage or this great date!  
5. Visit the BYU Museum of Art
General admission is free, which is impossible to beat!  There are some amazing special exhibits that come and change often, and the cafe is sure to please any foodie.  Even the non-art lovers will find some truly unique conversations inspired by art and thoughts on art.  
6. Hale Center Theatre
This unique theater offers a 360 style stage which makes all seats great!  Christmas Carol is amazing, but we’ve never seen a bad play
7. Go country line dancing at The Center
There’s nothing like borrowing a cowboy hat, learning some moves, burning some calories, and laughing at awkward moments of line dancing.  This can get pricey in other places, Provo is ideal for this activity!  
8. Visit the Hare Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork
You can visit any time, and you’ll learn a lot and experience what a great guy Caru Das is.  They constantly have festivals with great food and cultural experiences.  Tours are free with a couple dollar donation being the norm.  This is a must before anyone leaves Provo!  
9. The Alpine Slide
Sitting on a cart and going down 3,000 feet of slide leads to one adventures date that isn’t duplicated anywhere else!  
10. The Olympic Park
2002 was a magical time, I was lucky to be a student then!  Viewing how and where athletes train for the Olympics is pretty special, and one pretty amazing date! It may cost a little more, but you can even ride a bobsled on an Olympic track- definitely a memorable date!  
11. Watch a BYU Men’s Volleyball game
All sporting events can make great dates, but have you noticed that the Men’s team is consistently one of the top in the nation?  Grab a date, go to this inexpensive experience, and enjoy cheering on the Cougars!  

12. Attend any theater or musical production on BYU campus
You’ll miss how talented musically almost everyone is on campus when you graduate.  The plays are the best of the best (trust me, I have been to some big names in big cities) and the music programs are phenomenal!  Culturally enlighten yourself and your date with these experiences.    

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