Sweet Republic Ice Cream: The Best Thing I Ever Ate!

Last night we went to one amazing place.

It has quite the story- the owner left Wall Street, fed up with the schedule and all else that comes with Wall Street, to follow her dreams of owning a small business.  She dished us up, she’s one really cool person with tons of charisma!

And who wouldn’t want to make the best ice cream in America?

We’re not the only people who feel this way.

All the ingredients are local, organic, and the highest quality.

When the creme brulee torch came out there was one happy Camille- it was amazing!

Salted caramel and mint chip for the Mrs.

(Yes, those are real mint leaves in the mint chip ice cream- AH-MAZE-ZING!)

Brownie Madagascar vanilla and mint chip for the Mr.

And together we enjoyed the best ice cream we ever ate.  If that wasn’t good enough, our theme song started as we sat down and took our first bite.  Ever since starting this blog, that song has had an extra special place in our hearts.

If you’re even remotely into sorbet or ice cream, put this place on your bucket list- Sweet Republic is like no other ice cream!

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