Flagstaff Getaway: Mike and Ronda’s “The Place” Breakfast

Everyone we asked about dining options mentioned we needed to hit up breakfast at one of the most famous stops in Flagstaff, Mike and Ronda’s.  

This old fashioned diner is in the heart of town, and apparently always crazy busy.  It was so worth the 20 minute wait during one of their less busy times.  Not to mention this was the perfect time to play our continued weekend game of “spots the Tevas”.  Don’t worry that Jacob made sure to count my Teva flip-flops each time they were on my feet…  He just doesn’t understand the feeling people of the mountains have for these shoes…

He does understand how great biscuits and gravy are, and he had a double dose of hash-browns

I thought I was getting eggs with a biscuit, but people weren’t lying when they said the portions were gigantic! It was so delicious!

I’m pretty sure I say this every time we go to breakfast, but it’s such a great unexpected date.  We’ll be sure to do more of these, maybe we’ll even try it when we’re not on a road-trip!

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