The Couple’s Bucket List Date

I’m kind of in love with this saying:

When you’re young, you want to do everything together, when you’re older you want to go everywhere together, 
and when you’ve been everywhere and done everything 
all that matters is that you’re together.

I’d like to thank this quote for making me feel young, and fairly young.  I think we approach life and think that we really do want to experience everything together, but we’re also in a let’s-go-everywhere-together kind of phase as well.  We’ve talked a lot lately about travel dreams, home plans, and dates we want to experience, particularly before little Whitings come into the picture.  We decided a date was in order to help us make some plans official.

I’m sure everyone has heard of the concept of a bucket list, but if you haven’t, here’s a brief explanation.  Before you “kick-the-bucket” there’s a list of things you hope to experience or accomplish.  Since “goals are only a wish until written down” you essentially compile a full list of all the goals you’d like to accomplish in life.  And yes, apparently I’m the saying queen in this post.   Deep things can happen here at Friday We’re In Love!

I wrote one in college after a really hard breakup that made me stop to think about who I was as an individual and where I want to go.  I just so happened to find this document about a month ago on a very old flash-drive about a decade after I drafted it.  I must say, it was really cool to see that I’ve already accomplished about half of my list!  This had me thinking of what I need to do to check off the rest, and what other things do I value now that I’m a little older, and maybe even a little wiser?  Yeah, there are 3 sayings already in this post, we’ll go with wiser!  🙂

Naturally most of these things I now want to do with Jacob, and thus The Bucket List Date was born!

We started out by each making a list of the things we want to do together, as a couple.  Couple’s Bucket Lists are way more fun than doing it alone!  We had notebooks, and also our laptops out and each opened our own Google Doc and started bullet-pointing away.  I felt more creative writing it on paper for some reason, and it was easy to think of the big things in life I want to do and experience with Jacob by my side.
We then got together, read off our list, talked about each item, and compiled everything into one list.

We actually did this on the computer, but my crazy hard-to-read handwriting makes for a more interesting picture…
We topped the date off by watching The Bucket List at home and eating some Trader Joe’s Peach Pops.
And in case you really wanted to know what we have up our sleeves for the next few decades, here is the officially Whiting Family Bucket List.

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