The Happiest Date on Earth

Everyone has told us that we need to travel and do everything now before we have kids.  Noted.  I still think we’ll do things, don’t worry future kids!  (This is not any announcement)  However, we knew Disneyland would never be the same, and neither of us have been in over a decade, so when cheap flights, discount tickets, and a free place to stay popped up you bet we looked up the least crowded weeks of the year, chose one, and enjoyed the happiest date on Earth in the happiest place on earth!

Do I really need to write any more?  I think Disneyland pictures speak for themselves on why Disneyland just the two of you is an amazing experience!  And going around Halloween time is a particular treat!

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  1. oooooh! brings me back — we went there for our honeymoon almost a year ago THIS MONTH! it was magical & we miss is dearly! it's hilarious that instead of buying the pictures on rides, you just took pictures of the pictures because that's EXACTLY what we did, too! 🙂

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