Engagement Anniversary

2 years ago today Jacob asked me my favorite question.  I was a little surprised he was asking so soon after we’d just talked about marriage and recently been ring shopping.  He knew I was in my roughest trimester of my MBA, and waited until my last final so I could actually call people in person and enjoy the moment.  It was a magical night.  I felt so inspired I wrote this poem the next day.


Because we both love Dr. Pepper
Because you’re not a hopeless romantic
Because you don’t mind that I’m not a hopeless romantic
Because you shop and thrift stores and designer stores just like me
Because you laugh at everything I say when I think I’m funny
Because I laugh at everything you say when you think you’re funny
Because we both have ridiculously small wrists and ribcages
Because you didn’t know you had dimples until I told you
Because you blush as easy as I do
Because I can say “Roth IRA” and it makes you as giddy as me
Because you always compliment me when I wear high heels
Because you were my best friend before we even dated
Because you didn’t kiss me until the 8th date
Because you didn’t kiss me until a week after we were officially dating
Because you were so cute and awkward I didn’t realize our first date was a date for hours
Because the second I put my head on your should you asked me to be your GF
Because we both pay cash for 2-4 year old cars to save ourselves from the greatest depreciation
Because we’re both smart enough to know how to do the last one
Because you’re my financial soul mate
Because you let me look at dishes every time we go to a home store
Because you let me push you in the cart that one time at Home Depot even with a bright-red face
Because you cook with me as my “assistant” just because you know I love it
Because you open every car door
Because you rescued me
Because you love your family and do anything for them
Because you told me we’d only date if it didn’t get in the way of my MBA
Because you do sound effects
Because I tell you all my individual hopes/dreams/goals
Because you encourage me to fulfill all my hopes/dreams/goals
Because you’re shy about dating, but walked right up to me the night we met
Because all 2-5 year old girls have a crush on you and they are a good judge of character

Because you listen

Because you get all worked up about energy-efficient appliances
Because you can’t wink no matter how hard you try
Because we watch Arrested Development together
Because our first kiss was in a fort
Because you made me believe in love again
Because this is going to be one fun eternity!

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  1. So, I'd love to hear how you guys met or more about your story. I've spent some time looking around your site and can't find anything. Love the Friday night date night ideas. You are a cute couple!

  2. You guys are just too cute! I ran into your blog following a pin about a youtube date night and had to stay and read a little more. You are truly adorable. Reading a few of your stories has brought back memories of our first years together. Now 14 years and 5 kids later, I am glad for the strong foundation we have. Thanks for reminding me what's important and never stop falling in love with each other!
    American Fork, UT

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