12 Months of Dates October: Pumpkin Carving

I feel like pumpkin carving is one of those things that never gets old!  We are excitiede to do it every year, particularly when we get to double with our friends Tia and Brett!

This was even part of our 12 Months of Dates, it’s always a fun, fairly inexpensive date for the month of October!

I routinely have the same problem, I look at easy patterns and decide I can do advanced!  I usually settle for somewhere in the the middle only to find it was a lot harder than I thought!  Anyone else have this problem?

Luckily I am married to a master who can do finite details, even on The Avengers logo!

We loved spending time together, feeling creative, and meeting baby Landon, the cutest pumpkin of all!

If anyone wants to provide advanced pumpkin carving tips for next year please do!  Maybe one day I’ll be one of those cool people with a haunted house, Jack Sparrow, or even curvy lines!


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