A Day at the Zoo

Several months ago we bought a Google Offer for two cheap entries to The Phoenix Zoo. We’ve been waiting for cooler weather, and a weekend with a high of 60 was a perfect opportunity!

We spent the day seeing all our favorite childhood animals, and some new ones too!  The kimono dragons are pretty amazing!  Scary, but amazing.  Good thing we tamed one for a picture.  Not fooled, okay, this is a statue.  Pretty realistic though right?

I promise there’s an orangutan behind Jacob…

…and a monkey behind me.

See, that’s what we were looking at.  Camera focus tricks are hard to do sometimes!

We seriously laughed pretty hard the entire date, I’m glad I married a funny man!  I’m also glad a lot funny kids and interesting people visit the zoo to give us many laughs.

Also I should give a shoutout to my friend Tia.  We’ve doubled with her and her husband Brett many times (see here, here, and here), they are cool people.  She recently opened an Etsy shop selling super cute ear-warmer headbands.  Even though it looked sunny and we were in the 60’s, there was a lot of wind this day and it was kind of cold, particularly for our thin, wimpy, Arizona blood.  I’m sporting one of her awesome creations here.  She makes things custom on request, and I’m thrilled my favorite color could be involved.  Seriously, if you want to look cute when it’s cold you should check out her awesome stuff.

When we went to see the elephant it was hiding in a corner eating.  Jacob made some crack about going to an Elephant’s graveyard.  Luckily we found the elephant…

…and the elephant’s graveyard!


and tigers (or maybe just one),

and bears,

*you know The Wizard of Oz reference, so you can insert the rest of the cheesy phrase here 🙂
This one is for our friend Kim, who is married to a guy who looks like a linebacker, and is great friends with Jacob.  When she sees them together she calls them the gazelle and the gorilla when they are side-by-side.   You can see for yourself, they are the couple we’re standing next to in THIS post. Here you go Kim, I took pictures of the gazelle with the gazelles.

And after a 7 mile run I kept stretching my very sore quads, so I’ve been looking a lot like these guys, which BTW, Jacob thought were fake until we went to take the picture and they moved.

We had a great day at the zoo, proving it’s not only fun for kids, but also a great date idea!

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