Decking Our Hall

It took us a few extra days to get in the Christmas spirit this year, but don’t worry, we decided to make a date night out of it and get our act together!  
There’s something about decorating together that makes it so much more magical.  When you become an adult I often feel like decorating is a little bit of a chore.  Somehow chores are more fun when I get to crack jokes and talk to Jacob.  I’m glad we could mock our sad tree that came free with our house together.  Maybe we’ll realize we’re adults and buy a nice one….maybe.  
We also have a tradition that we bake cookies together every Sunday.  Jacob almost always chooses chocolate chip (we’re talking maybe one week out of the year we do something else).  Even our normal cookies got in the spirit with their holiday makeover.  
If you haven’t already decked the halls and are still feeling like it’s a chore, try making a date night out of it with a treat involved, it’s a fun, free way to get in the holiday spirit together!

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  1. Those cookies look awesome! Also, it's kind of blowing my mind how you're still in your skirt AND shoes at home. The moment I walk in my door it's down to as little (and comfortable) clothes as possible

  2. You always look so cute. I am envious of your outfits. I wish I had a job that I could dress up and look cute for each day! A toddler doesn't allow you to look cute for long. =]

  3. Thanks so much Mary, you're too kind! I'm sure you're rocking the “I have a toddler” look great! I often look at moms and think how they look so cute and I feel like I'm in a female monkey suit most the time. Perspective is funny isn't it?

  4. Ha ha thanks Alexis! I have been preppy since I was a child, I guess I'm more comfortable staying dressed up than changing. I know I'm the weird one, don't worry!

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