The New Year’s Eve Jar

I’m so excited to share a little tradition we started that was a year in the making.  We thought it would be really fun to end each month by writing down a few of our favorite memories that had happened that month.  We figured at the end of the year we could spend New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day reading each memory and celebrating our favorite moments together.


I tried to jazz it up a little bit by painting some Popsicle sticks and frosting a mason jar to hold our memories, but this is an activity that could be done for free as well!

Early in the year I thought New Year’s Eve would happen on a Sunday, and as an LDS family we don’t go out on Sundays.  I figured this would be a fun way to spend a Sunday night together ringing in the new year by celebrating the last.  Alas Leap Year happened, and we realized this was still going to be a great activity to help us remember the big and the little things that happened in 2012.  It really was so fun to go through all the memories, even if it happened a few days after New Year’s Eve.

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  1. I think this is a great idea! But how did you get your husband to sit and do it with you!! My husband is not even remotely interested in anything to do with craft!  Last year I made us a little scrap book of our year with each month and the highlights…complete with pictures and all! And I think I’m the only one who remembers it’s there!! Your idea with Popsicle sticks is so much better that creative. But I definitely need pointers as to how to get my husband involved! I would love for something like this to be our next year’s (or even this year…it’s not too late right??!!) project!:)
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  2. Hey James, I'm actually with you on the crafty issue- some people just aren't into it! I made the jar, painted the sticks, and had it all ready to go. That helped for sure!
    Some other things that helped- brining up a list of a couple things and letting him choose, fitting it in with another activity he likes (like eating cookies:) ), and sometimes we'd skip a month and do two months at once.
    I think Jacob is a good sport, that definitely helped too! He enjoyed remembering everything the night of for sure!

    Good luck, and if all else fails remember the cookies 🙂

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