Camille’s Dirty 30 Surprise Party

I have to start this post by saying I have the world’s greatest sister-in-law and husband!  I had been on a fancy dinner date with Jacob the Friday after my birthday (post coming this week), and I thought the birthday merriment would end there.  Jacob treated me like a queen, and I couldn’t have imagined there would be more!  My sister-in-law worked for weeks to pull everything together and plan the most amazing party with a little help from Jacob!

Last Saturday night we were invited to my brother and sister-in-law’s house to play games and have dinner- a total normal and chill evening we’re used to having.  I thought nothing of it!  I actually almost wore my pajamas, glad I didn’t, cause when I walked in the door….

My family and many friends jumped out and yelled “SURPRISE!”

I was in complete shock, I had no clue this was happening!  My eyes first went to my brother on the left, then my friend on the right and was like, WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?  And they welcomed me to my “Dirty 30 Trailer Trash Bash” where they had all let me know they hadn’t shaved for a while just for me.  Now that’s love my friends!

And after that my SIL Kristen let me know I would be getting an immediate make-under and they had clothes and make-up ready to go so we needed to change and get ready for the party to start!
So here’s us before, and us after:

I was chosen to be the pregnant Hooters waitress.  And by the end of the night I realized how often that stuffed animal bumped things, I can’t imagine a hard, heavy baby- kudos to all those pregnant women with their mad skills!  It was really quite the funny costume though!

This is just how I dreamed I’d look at 30….

The party was amazing, the decor was a serious crack-up!  We’re Mormons, so we don’t drink, and most of the men currently are or recently have been in bishoprics, so we cracked up even more that my SIL had the guts to ask some neighbors to save beer bottles for a while so she could sterilize them and decorate.  She normally has the cutest home, so to see all her normal decor substituted or “enhanced” with bottles was truly hilarious! 
And thanks to my Mom for digging up so many childhood photos and putting this together: 

The food was even themed.  Let me start by saying we eat most of this regularly, but mac’n cheese, tater-tot casserole, little smokies, easy cheese, pork rinds, lots of chips, and my personal favorite, the fruit cocktail right out of the Wal-mart can all together were seriously funny and fit the theme well!

(my poor nephew was confused as could be at all these adults looking funny and his house all changed, but was happy here picking marshmallows out of jello)

We had fun just talking and laughing together.  Who wouldn’t with so many camping chairs?

The games were a lot of fun!  You can find Minute To Win It games on YouTube and they show you how to do them with timer and adrenaline-rushing music attached.  Jacob found the games and made sure they were trailer- themed.  Eating an Oreo using only your face muscles, building a pyramid of cans with spaghetti noodles and your mouth, pencil tossing, etc. all were so fun!  They were seriously a riot to watch!

 We also did a photo booth so we could enjoy everyone’s costumes.  Please note our super cute sister-in-law with her husband are supposed to be Peggy and Al Bundy- so creative!  And that top left couple, I owe them all of this for planning and hosting the party!

And a few awesome details that cracked us big time:

The cake was excellent, I love Texas sheet cake, so definitely winning there!  And extra bonus, no hair caught on fire even with how close it came to the flame and how much hairspray I had!

I couldn’t have laughed harder or had more fun at a party- it really was the best surprise and the best gift anyone could ask for!  I have the most fun and creative family members on both sides, it was such a blast to have them all together!  Thanks for all you guys did, I will forever remember the world’s greatest Dirty 30 Surprise party!

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