Spreading the Love With Friday We’re in Love: May 2013

I’m so excited to host the first of many link-ups to help spread the love in the blogging world! Here’s the original post with all the details and rules, but since this is the first, let me recap.

– The world needs more nice thoughts in it, particularly on the Internet.
– Everyone has a blogger they love, whether it be their style, sense of humor, a particular post, etc.
– Every month I encourage other bloggers to share and聽publicly聽express your love for another 1, 2, or 3 bloggers.
– Valentine’s is not often enough to express love, so every 14th of the month the link-up will happen where I want everyone to spread the love by linking their post.
– The button look like this, and the code beside it is all you need to copy and paste into the edit in HTML button to join up, grab the image, and link back.

 photo sharingtheloveresize_zps168ce082.png<a href="http://fridaywereinlove.blogspot.com/2013/05/spreading-love-with-friday-were-in-love.html” target=”_blank” title=”BLOG TITLE”><img alt="BLOG TITLE" src="<a

I’m so stoked to share 2 ladies with you today who I love and adore! Both of these ladies came into my life by meeting them at the AZ Blogger Meetup, and I just can’t say enough about how great they both are!

Let me introduce you first to Ali, from Our Happily Ever After.聽

Not only is she Disney’s biggest fan, she’s funny, smart, sweet, and completely genuine! I had the flu last week only to discover she had it too. It donned on me that if I could move I would offer to bring some 7up over, and she’s someone I would feel totally comfortable asking to bring me some too! Seriously, we’ve met twice in real life, and I just love this girl and feel like I’d trust her with my child (when there is one)! Ali, thanks for making the Internet a better place and always being encouraging, strong, and confident in who you are!

My 2nd lovely lady I’ve mentioned before- Chrissy from Let Me See You Sparkle. 聽

I met her at the first meetup when she handed me a thank you card. I learned who she was by a sweet comment on Facebook- and I’ve never looked back! She serves and loves everyone she knows. She’s so kind, so sweet, and so sincere! She has the most tender relationship with her boyfriend that is a joy to read about, and she’ll remind you that there is good in the world with each and every post!

Some bloggers are even cooler in person, and let me share my love for these ladies by saying that both have amazing blogs, but you can’t believe how much better they are in person! Thanks for becoming my friends, and for being constant favorite reads!

Okay friends, it’s your turn, please join up by sharing your love, and linking up below!


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  1. Okay, I'm dying over how adorable you guys are. I just read through all of your “getting more personal” posts, and I'm beyond impressed. You two are a beautiful couple and it's so awesome seeing how happy you are! Thank you for sharing all of your fun date ideas and real life stories.

  2. Love this idea!! But I could not get the button to work?? Hope you don't mind I linked up anyways. But seriously love this idea!! And hopefully will figure out the whole button thing!

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