London Day 2: Tower Bridge

The London Bridge Walk
Cost: Free
Time: 20-30 minutes

We jumped off our double-decker bus tour for some photo-ops before we headed over to The London Tower (that post tomorrow- just brace yourself, all kinds of gore).

The Tower Bridge is another iconic London location with all kinds of history, amazing scenery, and swarming tourists. We had no shame and joined them in taking way too many pics of ourselves.

It’s commonly mistaken and called The London Bridge, but that’s actually in AZ, and this one is The Tower Bridge. Even I mixed it up and am ashamed to say there was a certain Fergie song going through my head as I walked over the bridge. I know, the inner white trash part of me just took over and then it wouldn’t get out of my head. I thought how glad I was the classy Londoners weren’t able to hear “London Bridge,” “American Boy,” and a myriad of other songs playing in head while I walked their streets.

Yet another “pinch me” moment where we wondered how we got so lucky to walk in this place. 

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