Freedom Festival 5k

 Jacob joined me in Provo late on the 3rd of July. We went for a walk in the nice weather and then hit the sack early to get up for the Freedom Festival 5k. 
If you’re new around here, we really like to run together. I think some of the best marital advice we were given was to be active together. Endorphines help you feel the spark and giddy feelings you felt dating, you can stay in shape together, and it’s great for both your self-esteem! I try to train year round, but Jacob’s a natural who can win almost any race with minimal training. I must admit I enjoyed when I told him to cream me the last mile and he told me the altitude change was making him barely keep up with me. That will be the one time in our lives that statement is every made 🙂 
 I don’t think my marathon medal is going to appreciate a 5k medal joining it, but I can’t complain about the nice shirts, medals, and well run race! You end uphill which wasn’t cool, but I think running along the parade route and having crowds cheer you almost compensate for that. 
And maybe my favorite part was the fact that we ran this with my family. I feel like I have some of the coolest people in the world for siblings, and I absolutely love that we all became runners as adults and holidays are always centered around miles run. The only person not pictured is one sibling and her husband, a SIL who couldn’t make the trip, and my mom. 
We will always be grateful that this race gave us a new nickname for my SIL Kristen. When the mark of the beast finds you (as highlighted by my dad), you deserve to be called “Beastie” for the rest of your life! 

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