London Day 3: Camden Market

For all fans of cheap, trendy Euro fashion, street food, and a good test of your abilities to dodge pickpockets, you must must must hit up Camden Market!

You can find all kinds of crazy things, including really cheap dresses, skirts, and shoes. I think my wallet was happy that dresses just a little too short for me seem to be all the rage right now. I did however walk away with one that I am in love with, and you’ll see me donning in Day 4’s posts. 

In addition to the market, there are all kinds of cheap street food options. Immigrants from all over the world sell food here, and it’s amazing what delicious Indian curry you can get for 4£- it was enough to feed both of us! 

Once again I wish I had more pics, but I am also glad we kept things safe and didn’t pull out the DSLR here. Not to scare anyone, but sometimes you just have to be a safe traveler, snap a few discrete phone pics, and enjoy the smell of incense and every kind of foreign food you can think of all at once. 

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