London Day 3: Scenic Walk and Amazing Chocolate (AKA the 2£ Date)

The Metro stop to get to The London Eye held a scenic surprise- we were literally right next to Big Ben and had some amazing scenery all around this area. We decided part of our date would be a scenic walk around this historic part of London.
The London Eye Date
It turns out there are a lot of walks you can do that are absolutely free in London. If you’re planning a trip on a budget you can probably spend at least 2 full days just walking around and seeing sites. It’s lovely, and there is something to seeing a city by foot that makes it extra special!
Scenic London Walk
Scenic London Walk

We decided we wanted to get a treat somewhere, even though London isn’t known for that. We walked all around looking and asking and everyone kept pointing us to grocery stores. After about 30 minutes and about 2 extra miles of walking we decided to cave and just find something at a grocery store. We started talking about the fact that European chocolate is better than American chocolate. It’s richer, smoother, and no additives or preservatives in most brands, nothing is genetically modified, etc.-  Europe definitely changed the way we see food, but that’s a post for another day.

We decided we may be happy just buying a bar and taking it back to the hotel. So we did!

 We both thought one or two pieces would be great- we’re pretty good at portion control in these parts. Neither of us could resist- one entire bar was gone in a matter of minutes! And guys, this was one of the cheaper bars and brands you can buy!
One successful night, one fun date! And we dropped a whopping 2£ on or city exploring and chocolate eating. Aren’t free/cheap dates the best?!? 

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