London Day 5: The London LDS Temple

Date Info: 
Price: Temple- Free
Location: London, UK
Time: 2 Hours for temple session, 2 hour travel time from London
Back in the day when we had our Couple’s Bucketlist Date we made a goal to visit 50 different LDS temples together. If you haven’t heard of temples or have questions feel free to ask, I’m more than happy to answer any question!
Since there are only a few temples in AZ we decided around this time that we’d have to plan a trip on most our vacations to make our goal and visit 50 together. London seemed like a great opportunity!
 It really is amazing to learn more about the church in London, and the history of this temple that stood as the only one in Europe for a very long time. It still hosts many international attendees, and it was amazing to hear so many languages, and so many dialects of English itself!
One of the main reasons we go to the temple is to be sealed through proper priesthood authority for all eternity- even after death. Every time we walk out we seem to have a renewed love and appreciation for one another- it really is amazing how lucky and blessed we are to be together at all, and to be together for time and eternity, and it’s so awesome to get that reminder!


This trip took us a little out of the way of London. it was an hour ride each way, but it was worth it! What a wonderful experience it was to be reminded that our religion is the same anywhere in the world!

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  1. Excellent explanation of temples, and beautiful pictures. Have you heard of the LDS Temple Passport App? It's for apple and android phones. I think y'all would like it.

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