London Final Morning: Hyde Park

Hyde Park
Cost: Free
Time: Give yourself at least 1 hour for a stroll
I think my heart partially broke the morning we woke up ready to leave London. I mean Paris was our next destination, so it helped soothe the pain, but this was the dream vacation I’d wanted to go on ever since I was 19 and took my first British literature class. 
I asked Jacob if we could please do one more thing in the few early morning hours we had left- could we go for a stroll around Hyde Park. And just like that we were off to the Metro to go to our final London site. 

The park was absolutely stunning! 
 And the greenery is something we’ll savor as a sweet memory now that we’re back in the desert.
 We also became keenly aware of where the game “Duck Duck Goose” comes from.

 And I looked at all the runners completely green with envy. If only this was my daily path- miles and miles of beauty park in the middle of the urban beauty skyscrapers. 

Thank you Hyde Park for making the last few hours so magical! 

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