Spreading the Love…Reminder!

Remember a few months ago when I decided I was sick of holding in my nice thoughts about other bloggers? A thought is just a thought and does no good unless it’s shared! That’s why I started my Spreading the Love series.

Every 14th of the month I publicly declare my love for another blog, blogger, post, etc. and let them know I think they are great! I then ask other bloggers to do the same, spread some kindness, and make someone else’s day! It’s such an easy way to do a little service. The response has been great and so many have let me know what a boost it is to hear some kind words- how amazing is that!?!

Just a reminder, tomorrow is the 14th, please join me in spreading some love by posting about 1-2 bloggers/blogs and linking up to share some positive vibes and make a couple people’s days!

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