The Awful Waffle: Provo, Utah

Provo Date Ideas
We saved the best for last- our last night in Provo we hit up The Awful Waffle which we’d been told was a “MUST” eat place by many of our friends.

 The liege came highly recommended, so we both went for it! 
 Jacob got the liege with cream cheese and peaches. 
 I did the liege with cream cheese sauce and fresh strawberries. 
 We also had our favorite friend and my favorite younger sister come too! They both went with Brussels with raspberries. 

We played “musical waffles” and everyone tried each. There wasn’t a bad one in the mix- all were amazing! I must admit though, the liege did win me over! I loved mine and Jacob’s best!  
Provo Utah Date
And if the best waffle of your life isn’t reason enough to go, go for the cool hangout spot! We enjoyed watching many people on dates and analyzing how old they were, what date they were on, and who was more into whom. 
We also enjoyed the chalk-paint tables. While Jacob went to the bathroom we made him a place mat (bottom left) and then we each drew what was on our mind. The top two represent Hillary and Catherine’s artistic and philosophical approaches to stream of consciousness. We also see the deep thoughts that my head contain…
Thanks for a fun date place, a very cool decor, and some of the best waffles the world can find Awful Waffle! 

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  1. My husband went there last year when he was in Provo filming the Bible Videos. He said it was amazing. Next time, try the speculoos sauce aka “cookie butter.” It's basically heaven.

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