The Malt Shop- Provo Utah Date

After we watched the fireworks we realized there was traffic everywhere, and the errand we needed to run would have to wait. I decided to take Jacob on a date I had been on oh so many times in college. It seemed that going to “The Dollar Theater” to see $1 movies and then getting ice cream at The Malt Shoppe was seriously the most common date any BYU student could come up with. In fact, whenever a date took me to do anything else I was always impressed with the creativity! 
However, The Malt Shoppe is a college student staple for a reason- it’s a charming 50’s themed cafe that looks, feels, and tastes vintage. 
Malt Shoppe Date

And although I wouldn’t recommend the food, I would recommend their shakes! There are literally hundreds of flavors and options, and I always loved the pumpkin Oreo, Oreo, cheesecake Oreo (are we seeing a pattern here?), and especially the mint Oreo. 
Malt Shoppe Date
They aren’t expensive, Mondays have a BOGO free offer, and you can feel extra retro by sharing one in booth. 
The Malt Shoppe Provo date

So thanks to the generous boys who bought me a shake in college, but I have to admit, this was my favorite date to The Malt Shoppe in Provo I’ve ever had!

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