Utah Get Away: Sundance Date

Sundance Ski Resort is a magical place. I used to live on the other side of the mountain directly behind us in the picture below, and consequently spent a lot of time year round at Sundance growing up. I’ve skied it in the winter, hiked in the summer, and stayed in many cabins with friends and church youth groups throughout the year. I love this place, and I could hardly wait to bring my love here during our trip to Utah. 
Sundance Ski Resort Scenic Lift
 We decided to ride the scenic lift– which is essentially taking the ski lift in the summer and enjoying one gorgeous view of the mountains. It’s only $12 a person and quite romantic! They even offer a moonlit ride one weekend a month. Seriously Utah friends, get on that for us please!  
Utah Date Ideas

Don’t get me wrong, day was absolutely breathtaking! 
Creative Date Ideas Utah

And if you go, you really should get off at the top- it’s an amazing photo opportunity! 
Utah Date Ideas

Utah Date Ideas

Oh how we enjoyed the amazing weather, you just can’t beat Utah summers! 
Utah Date Ideas
If you want to duplicate this date plan for about an hour and a half ride total, but you could definitely extend that at the top with a picnic or small hike. They even allow mountain biking from this point- how cool would that be? 
We were in a little bit of rush so hopped back on pretty quickly. 
But really, are there many dates in this world that can take your breathe away, provide one amazing backdrop, and offer a really romantic time together for only $24? If you said yes please let me know what we’re missing, because this felt like one amazingly unique date idea, and one anyone visiting Utah should hit up! 
Utah Date Idea
And one more thing you may not know about Sundance- they have THE BEST cheesecake in their restaurant. I’ve had pumpkin at a work Christmas party, and lemon on a date. I just couldn’t walk away without their seasonal cheesecake flavor- even if it meant that the cheesecake-in-a-jar had to be dumped in a to-go box. This raspberry cheesecake enjoyed on a ski bench was one of the best things I’ve ever had to eat in Utah! 

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