12 Months of Dates: September- Paint Your Own Pottery

We fell out of the habit of using the 12 Months of Dates gift I gave Jacob last Christmas, and decided in the next month we’re going to make up for lost time and do all the summer dates. Before that though, we jumped back on the wagon and made sure to do our September date- painting pottery at As You Wish
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Year of Dates Christmas Present
Before we went we decided a manly dinner of steak and carbs was in order for Jacob. We hit up Logan’s Roadhouse and enjoyed some amazing rolls, and the bucket of peanuts.  

 Jacob went for a great steak and baked potato. 
 I was just feeling a sweet potato with marshmallows- and for anyone watching their calories let me tell you this was surprisingly low- but still quite delicious! 
 We then headed over to As You Wish to do a date I’ve wanted to do for a really long time. I always feared the price would be horrendous on this date so never went, but let me tell you a few things we did to keep the cost low: 
1. We found a 50% off the sitting fee cost, that saved about $8
2. We bought the gift card on small business Saturday, and got $25 worth of rewards doing so (seriously, look into this is you have American Express- we always buy each other gift cards for dates, and $25 is credited back so we do a lot of cool dates for free!). 
3. We put a limit on the ceramic we could choose- some get up to $40 a piece, we each stuck to $15 or less. 
We ended up only having to add about $10 to the gift card, and this made a normally expensive date a very inexpensive date! 
Paint Your Own Pottery Date
So here’s how it works: 
First you choose what you want to paint from their plethora of ceramic pieces: 
I chose a small owl I knew would fit well on a shelf in our house. Jacob chose to make a Halloween candy bowl (which of course made us have to buy Halloween candy for him to snack on a month in advance- smart man!) 
You then choose your paint colors, and if you’re going to stencil or freehand anything you do that before you paint. Jacob went with freehand- he’s the artist in the family after all! 
 I went with “let’s just smear this bad body down” which worked well for me! 

 (Anyone else feel me on the craptastic time it is to grow out bangs? This picture so fully demonstrates…)

After you have 3 coats of paint you can add any accents you’d like- I went with colors and some puff paint to make my owl a little less boring. 
 Jacob added all kinds of accents! 

And then we finished, and submitted for the kiln. 
Only to pick up some awesome pieces we’ll actually use a few days later. 
As You Wish

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  1. Sweet potato and marshmallows? Genius! I'm so intrigued by that now, I'd never heard of that as a dish. I've never been a big sweet potato fan because I've always had it in savory dishes but this sweet take I think I could dig! That sounds delicious.

    Also, just as a side note, I sincerely hope that someday I have a marriage like yours and your husband's. You guys just seem to be happy and have so much fun together. And as someone who grew up in a household where my parents were just not like that at all.. ha, it's really refreshing to see.

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