12 Months of Dates: July (or maybe late October instead): Murder Mystery Dinner Detective Date

Murder Mystery dinner theater date
When planning last year’s Christmas present, the 12 Months of Dates, I really lucked out to find a Groupon that didn’t expire for an entire year to a murder mystery dinner theater called The Dinner Detective. 
Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

I immediately purchased and added it as one of our dates. We’re a little behind this year, so we did July’s in October- no problem, we’re finally getting around to using all this year’s dates, and it was extra fun to do this around Halloween.

12 Months of Dates Present

We showed up, checked in with our reservation, and were immediately instructed to assume a new name and identity of our choosing. Jacob wanted to sound tough, and I went with my lipstick “Russian Red” choosing the most stereotypical Russian spy name I could.

We were assigned to a table to meet other guests, and to start taking notes on suspicious characters. The actors are mixed in with the rest of the crowd, so you have no idea who are guilty parties involved with crimes and murders throughout the dinner. 
 We had one of our servers murdered pretty instantly, and the game/race to solve the mystery started then and there. 
 I also enjoyed Jacob’s good-looking backside while I watched our detectives lead us through the crime and provide clues. 
 I have to say my Sasha identity worked well, as I was chosen as a suspicious person. Seriously, a little accent, a velvet dress, red lipstick, and a Russian name and Americans think The Red Scare is on again and you are part of murder plots. 

But seriously, we had a great time piecing together clues and playing along with the actors. We were even surprised that our food was pretty good!

AND, I even solved the mystery! Someone at my table figured out more details, so she won, but I was pretty pleased to uncover most of what was going on. It was a very fun, unique, and creative date! And guess what, they are in many states, so this isn’t just an AZ date- there’s a good chance they are in your area should you feel the need to get your murder mystery on! 

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