Seeing the Lights

Date Info: 
Christmas Light Sightseeing
Price: Free
Location: Find a neighborhood- this one is in Mesa, AZ off Guadalupe and Country Club

Do you have a neighborhood in your area that goes all out for Christmas? We definitely do!

 We made sure to sneak in a free date this past week to go visit!
Many of them do themes- Santa on the beach, supporting the troops, Christmas around the world, etc. It’s so amazing!
If you live in AZ make sure to stop by Guadalupe and Cherry Street (West of Country Club) before they go down, or put it on your list next year!

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  1. Oooooh I went!! I went!! I loooooove this street!!! I went last year with a friend and then took my family this year!! The garages are almost as impressive as the lights!! Hahaha! Did you get to go through the backyard of the one house?? With Jesus' story and stuff and it walks you through the guys whole yard?! So cool!

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