Company Christmas Party

Before we’re too far past the holiday season I wanted to post about my company Christmas party.
 I feel so blessed to work for a company that treats its employees well, and celebrates successful years as an entire company. 
And when they book super posh venues in Downtown Phoenix with cocktail attire you make sure to go! 
Plus companies that do photo booths with props are obvious winners! 
In addition to a very funny secret Santa exchange, the highlight of the night was definitely the food! 
(Painted by one of our designers for someone who remarked they like Star Trek and Dr. Who)
A while ago I wrote a post about Phoenix celebrity chef Chris Bianco and how the entire celebrity community makes a stop at Pizzeria Bianco when in Phoenix. 
Imagine how star struck I was when Chris himself asked if I’d like some gnocchi. Yes Chris, that was the best gnocchi of my life- and I regret only taking this paparazzi photo of you while in line and not asking for one with you. Having his team cater the company party was nothing short of amazing! 
 Every ounce of food was so great! 

I seriously believe attending your and/or your spouse’s company parties are a wonderful way to enjoy a free date together! 

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  1. That food looks amazing! Yum! My husband's former employer would have fantastic Christmas parties at the Portland Art Museum or the Governor Hotel and I always loved getting dressed up for them each year. It was always such a great (free) date night!

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