Saving Mr. Banks

As most readers know, we don’t typically spend date night at dinner and a movie, but every summer blockbuster season and holiday blockbuster season we make an exception. 
We doubled with our some of our favorite friends on the planet and hit up Downtown Chandler for this date and tried Serranos Mexican Food. Two thumbs up from all parties! 
I wanted to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, but Jacob and our favorite double date friends voted me off the island and chose to see Saving Mr. Banks instead. 
No complaints here! My adult ADHD only acted up in the beginning, and I was able to enjoy a well constructed plot and spectacular acting without trailing off for the rest of the movie! 
Have you seen it? What did you think? 
Did I miss out on The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? 
We also have tickets we have to use for another movie by early February- any others you’d recommend we see? 

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