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Don’t worry, I saved the best for last as I’ve covered the top 5 favorite things about Alt Summit. Catch up on #1- Business Cards, #2- Swag, #3- Classes, and #4- Fashion at each link listed. But today I’m excited to share the best- 
#5- The Friendships Made
Ahhh, yes, a little cheesy. But it’s true. Before I went I thought about the AZ Blogger Meetup events I’ve attended, and everyone I’ve met has proven the real thing is better than the person in writing. It’s just totally true, people I adore reading about always wow me with who they are in person! 
And guess what, I got to meet a ton of amazing people! 

Some of my faves were these gorgeous and smart ladies, 
Emily from The Freckled Fox
Elisabeth from Bella the Blog
Quinn from Quinn Cooper Style
And then we had a blast meeting Brooke White and Summer Bellessa from The Girls With Glasses– amazingly sweet and stylish women! 

I really enjoyed rooming with my friend Meghan from Freckles Style. She’s a real life friend who happens to blog, and we work in the same industry in the same location (different companies). She’s applying to get her MBA, and she inspires me to be more stylish. I love smart women, and I love that we got to talk about blogging, professional life, relationships, and fashion before bed each night.  

Megs and I were so lucky to meet some of the coolest girls at lunch on Thursday, and we had a blast hanging with them Friday night too. 
Christina from Just Call Me Chris
Jill from Good Life
and Abby from Abby M. Interiors
And we clearly learned our love for photo booths! 

The Olympic theme being our favorite, how we laughed! 

I also got to meet one of Jacob’s friend from his single days, Candice of Stress Free Recipes.

And can we talk about friend by association? Janssen of Everyday Reading is best friends with one of my AZ Meetup committee pals, Kayla. Kayla, thanks for sending me on the mission to find her! Luckily she was hanging with the wife of one of my MBA buddies- Cori of Corilynn. I love when I’m friends with a guy and then learn his wife is even cooler than he is! Just kidding Craig, but you really did marry up!

I ended my Friday night meeting the co-founder of Alt, who also happens to be the brilliant blogger behind Design Mom, Gabrielle Blair.

I’m grateful for wonderful women behind the blog. I’m grateful that you have already read enough about each other’s lives that you can jump right in and talk openly about anything. I’ve never shared fertility problems with more people so quickly, that’s a topic I usually only discuss with my 3 best friends and my Mom.

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  1. Looks like a blast! I cant wait to move back to AZ in a few years and I'm so happy the blogging community is growing there. So relieved bc its going to be hard to leave all the UT blogger meetups

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