The Amazing Race: Our City Solve Urban Race

Confession: We’ve applied to be on The Amazing Race. 
We never heard back- but if you ever read this Amazing Race, we’d still be game! 
Consequently, we’ve always wanted to participate in a race, so when the Groupon came up for a City Solve race in Phoenix, and Jacob’s friend and former coworker asked us to join his team, we couldn’t pass it up! 
Creative Date Idea

Before the race they also have a costume contest- and the cereal killers won easily! So clever! We went St. Patrick’s Day themed, and that was as much creativity as we could muster.

The race starts off with teams receiving instructions and clues at the starting line. They held up a sign asking us to figure out which celebrity did not attend ASU, and gave us cross streets for each name that was a possible answer. We ran a block over to happily find a person with all the remaining clues/puzzles to solve, and we got right to work!

 There were 10 clues to solve, and each solution revealed a different location with a sign/person you had to take a picture of the entire team with. We decided to sit down and solve all the clues and then map out our route around the city.

There were crossword puzzles, riddles, brain teasers, and trivia to solve- and I have to admit it was really clever! I don’t want to give specifics in case they use them next year, but each clue was well done and sent us to a specific Phoenix store or landmark.

And there were two where there was a challenge involved- just like The Amazing Race. Jacob was a champ and did the water challenge moving water from bucket to bucket while the rest of the team sorted beans for 3rd world countries. Well, at least two did, one may have wondered off to snap a picture of the tall, skinny boy on the team.

We then literally ran all over town or caught the metro to a bunch of cool places in Phoenix, including coffee shops, historic hotels, pretend Hollywood stars in the sidewalk, murals, and city buildings. We had to take a group selfie in front of each one- please enjoy our sweaty faces at four of our stops.

Even getting lost on one clue that wasn’t written particularly well, and having to stop for a bathroom break, we still were able to take 26th place out of 52 teams! Oh, maybe I just realized why The Amazing Race never called us. Maybe next year we’ll get up to at least 11th place and qualify! And maybe we’ll learn to not trust Google Maps.
We had a blast with Teague and Dana, and it really was such a fun, active date that I think we’ll always remember! 
Amazing Race Date

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