Las Vegas Getaway: Serendipity 3

When I was 18 years-old the movie Serendipty came to theaters. I have never been a huge movie person, but I went to see this one in theaters on my poor freshman budget- a serious splurge at the time. There was instant love, perhaps John Cusack, perhaps the girl crush on Kate Beckinsale lingering after Much Ado About Nothing, or maybe just a light-hearted well-written plot won me over. 
A few scenes in the movie take place in front of/inside of the cafe Serendipity 3 surrounding their famous frozen hot chocolate. My youthful foodie soul was spoken to, and I made it a bucket-list item of mine to go on a date to Serendipty 3 some day in my life. 
I always thought it would be on a trip to NY, but the moment I learned there was one outside Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, I added this to our getaway plans! 
romantic date ideas in las vegas

We went with the original- and our eyes popped when this huge goblet of chocolatey-magic came out! I mean 20 different kinds of chocolate go into this thing, and wow, you could tell!

romantic date idea

romantic date idea

romantic date idea

We were skeptical that we’d be able to finish, but low and behold, it only took a few minutes of sipping with some discussion on fate and serendipity thrown in, and we had cleaned the bowl/glass/goblet thingy.

romantic date idea, las vegas date idea
My 18-year old self would be so happy to know that this would not only happen in my lifetime, but happen with one awesome husband to share the date with. 
romantic date idea

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  1. We love Serendipity! It is one of our go-to places when we have family/friends visit. My favorite flavor is the white frrrrozen hot chocolate and my husband loves the cookies and cream – yummy! But on your first visit you HAVE to have the original. Good choice!

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