Seattle Getaway: Anniversary #3

We decided that we wanted to go somewhere cooler where we could snuggle and walk around quite a bit to celebrate anniversary take 2, and the Pacific Northwest was calling our names. We settled on Seattle, and it was an excellent choice! 
I’m writing this from CA on a road trip to Elevate, so this one will be short- but I will cover the trip throughout this week! 
We flew in on a Friday after work for a quick weekend getaway and stayed at the Waterfront Marriott along the beach, because, well the beach. I also have two Washington-raised coworkers who told us just what to eat/see/do and where to stay. It was a great little place with an amazing view! 

Our first morning started with an early breakfast. We don’t really eat breakfast together, so I feel like this simple thing just meant the world. Plus slowing down and spending 24/7 together is such a treat, and I think that’s something every couple should do when you’re looking for a getaway.

Parfaits and egg white frittatas for the win- seriously, one of the healthiest, best tasting breakfasts I’ve ever had! And fun fact, my eyes are mostly green but change color sometimes with what I’m wearing- they were feeling the blue this morning.

After a lovely morning- we were all to enjoy the grey skies and our first adventure!

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