Seattle Getaway: Argosy Cruises

Another amazing Seattle recommendation from a coworker was to do an Argosy cruise, and to do the Lakes Cruise to see the homes of Seattle celebrities. 

 I can’t say enough good about this company. We mixed up our directions and got lost on Saturday, making us miss our cruise. They kindly exchanged for the next day when we called in a panic. We had our Space Needle reservations bumped up, so everything worked better than planned- lucky us!

We got there plenty early this time so we could enjoy seeing what water in large bodies looks like, something we don’t see much of in Arizona.

It was glorious.

 Because we got there so early we were able to jump on the bow of the boat and find the one seat up front. We had the best view!

We drove by the Sleepless in Seattle house, and many large, expensive homes that overlook the lake. What’s cool is most have been very respectful and built so that no one’s view is ruined.

We saw the former Starbuck’s CEO’s home in the patch above, and pretty much any major business owner lives in this hood.

They also have a former orphanage turned one of the most prestigious schools in the country at the top of the hill, with the teacher’s lounge having the best view of the lake, pretty excellent!

We also passed the University of Washington stadium. Apparently sail-gating is a thing where people pull up their boat and tailgate together. What a unique cool thing to this stadium! 

Architecture planned around water is something so fascinating and foreign to us, we were loving examining every bridge we could.

One of the last stops on the cruise was passing Bill Gate’s house, definitely huge, amazing, and a highlight of the trip! What we loved most was that he lives in about 1,500 square feet most the time, and then the other parts are used for office space and parties. How amazing is that?

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