Spokane LDS Temple

Date Info: 
Price: Temple- Free
Location: Spokane, WA
Time: 2 Hours for temple session

If you’ve been a reader for a while, you know about our visit 50 temples before we die bucket-list item. Every time we travel we try to fit in a quick temple trip to accomplish this goal. 

Spokane was no different- we made sure to attend the Spokane, Washington LDS Temple while in town. It was small temple that required a reservation, but we really enjoyed the hilarious, sweet temple workers, the small-town feel, and the beauty of the grounds around the temple.

If you’ve ever wondered why we have temples and what we do there, you should read this article on What Mormon Temples are Used For.
Or feel free to email me- fridaywereinlove at gmail (dot) com. I’ll answer anything you may want to know. I think sometimes I post and mention religious things people may have never heard of. Feel free to ask, I’ll gladly answer or point you to other answers. 
And for the record, here’s the status of our project: 
2. Snowflake, AZ
8. Spokane, WA 

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  1. I like your temple bucket list idea. Obviously I need something like this, since like I told you on Friday, I haven't even been to Salt Lake yet. I think I've only done sessions at Bountiful actually 😛 We've been to weddings at Salt Lake and Brigham City and a few others though.

  2. First of all I love this idea. Second of all, I love the Spokane Temple! I went to the dedication, my first temple trip at 12, went through for myself, and was sealed there. Gotta love my small town, home town temple. 🙂

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