4 Social Media Platforms Most Bloggers Aren’t on But Should Be: Tidbits From My Alt Summit The Business of Blogging Presentation

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking at Alt Summit it Salt Lake City on the Business of Blogging. The panel included three of us, all of which spent some hard earned time in classrooms to add an acronym to our names- MBA. As women who help or have helped Fortune 500 companies formulate digital strategies, we spilled the beans on some business tips and tools bloggers could benefit from using while devising their own digital strategy.
I shared my experience presenting, but as promised, I wanted to share a few specific tidbits of knowledge I passed along to attendees during my presentation. Today I want to talk about four social media platforms bloggers could seriously benefit from, and likely aren’t using.
Let me dissect each one-by-one.
Everyone has heard the saying “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” I think most bloggers know you need to be a part of blog club and find your tribe of soul mates to really grow and make it big. Many people save the big bucks to attend conferences for this opportunity, and as a two-time attender of Alt I’m telling you, that’s a great thing! However, most people also realize they need to get a local presence with other bloggers and friends. I did years ago, and thus my brainchild the AZ Blogger Meetup was formed. But I know I’m an entrepreneurial extrovert who thrives off meeting new people, and I know not every blogger is ready to just go start a new website and get the party started. Queue Meetup- a site that already has events one can find and attend- OR a site people can use to start their own events.
Live in a state you have only met one other blogger from? Meetup can help you change that!
Want to go to small business meetings to learn about how to better manage yours? Meetup can help!
Looking to connect with certain shop owners or venues? Find their associations and find the Meetup!
In person networking seriously can change your life, and Meetup is a great platform to get that party started and make the right face-to-face connections.
Have you heard the term “Early Adopter” by chance? Now is the time to be one of those and jump on the Pippit train. It’s new, it helps social media and blogging work in tandem, and it’s easier to use monetized affiliate links in this Instagram wannabe. I wrote a full post on Pippet you can read for more info and what it is and how it works.
Even with that, I’m fully admitting it’s new, it’s buggy, and the kinks are slowly being worked out. But, the concept it great, it’s easy to link to your blog if nothing else and have auto-sharing, and there is always that chance it could be the next big thing.
P.S. if you join, I’m聽@FridayWereInLove- come find me!
3. Quora
I remember first hearing about Quora at a digital marketing networking event, and going home to check it out instantly. Here’s the gist- have a question, need an answer/advice? Ask on Quora and have all types of people chime in. It can be funny, profound, business related, philosophical- etc. I’ve been following “What’s the most important thing people learn in their 20’s” for over a year and enjoy every tidbit of wisdom that shows up in my inbox from people around the world. Sometimes world renown scholars appear in feeds, and that’s just plain cool. It’s like the smart, sophisticated social media to make up for what happens in comments on YouTube. Sorry YouTube comments, but sometimes you make me feel like I just visited Walmart in the bad part of town on Saturday night. Quora makes me feel like I’m having an intelligent conversation in a hipster coffee shop.
Yes, it’s fun, but let’s talk about why it makes sense for you. First of all, the obvious, you can get advice on anything. Sometimes world experts with PhDs 聽doing research on that topic even comment, and that’s awesome. But, it’s also an opportunity to be an expert. Let’s say you blog about healthy vegan recipes. Why not find those asking what a recently diagnosed cancer patient should eat and add a few things you know and a few links to your recipes? Why not seek out possible readers just asking for your content? See, you don’t have an answer, and that’s why you should jump on Quora and start making it work for you!
Wanna follow me there? Here’s my Quora profile.


I may have just saved the best for last. If you’ve blogged for more than three years you’ll remember what it was like when you first saw Pinterest traffic start to come in. It was like- whoa, something went viral and people are finding me- what is this magical place?
Brace yourself for this- I get a lot of traffic from Pinterest, but StumbleUpon often beats out traffic from Pinterest and remains a constant source for me. I found StumbleUpon through my analytics. Almost overnight I had thousands of hits a day coming from this place. It never tells you exactly which post it came from, so it took me a while to uncover where my link was. But once I got it, I was like- WHY AM I NOT ON HERE PROMOTING MYSELF? Yes, YELLING!
People go to SumbleUpon looking for content, and they essentially give the algorithm some interests and hit the “Stumble” button which shows a page of content from a website added by users under that category. Blogs, newspapers, any link someone has posted and categorized can be stumbled. You can thumbs up or down content and it gets smarter with better recommendations- much like Pandora does with music. So those looking for specifics things can find your content based on it being loaded as a “like” or a “list” item on yours or someone else’s profile, and being categorized in a category they like. I’ll forever be grateful to the person who uploaded one of my posts to a list, and helped me realize so much traffic potential. For real, get on there and if you do nothing else but add a few of your pages, you should see some traffic, perhaps thousands of hits of traffic, much like I did!
Admission, my perks came without doing much to follow or find followers, so engagement can be small if you’re crunched on time. But really, let’s connect and see if we can find even more traffic together, shall we?
You can find me on StumbleUpon at the link, and we can get this traffic sharing party started!
So there you have it, four social media platforms you should be working but probably aren’t. Stayed tuned friends, my next Alt presentation summary post will be about what platforms you are probably on, but not utilizing for your blog.

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  1. Super helpful! I didn't even know some of these existed. I used to be a huge stumbleupon fan way back in the day but it's time I get on it again for my blog.

  2. Followed you on Pippit and Stumbleupon! Question – about a year ago I saw traffic from Stumbleupon but now I see nothing. I'm not sure why! Do you have any tips on how to use it? I'm adding my link, putting in keywords and I've tried to follow people but nothing is driving traffic anymore. Thanks!

  3. I already have Pippit, and while I'm not sure I will want to pay to renew my subscription it seems like a good idea… as long as more people I know get it too!

  4. Great advice! I am putting all of these things on my to do list and I'll come find you on Pippit and Stumble Upon. Thanks so much for linking up the Be. YOU. tiful Link party!

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