5 Relaxing Date Ideas

I can hardly believe it’s August already! This month always seems to throw everyone into a tailspin of business. Whether you have children or not, the back to school schedule changes seem to get everyone in gear and back on busy schedules.

This has me thinking of ways to really carve out some quality time with your significant other and relax during special date night time. Ironically, August 15th is National Relaxation Day, so the timing to carve out a relaxing date couldn’t be better.

Here are 5 Relaxing Date Ideas to get your through this busy month:

1. Couples Massage

Is there anything more relaxing than being pampered in low lighting, candles, and having soothing music playing? This may be the best to get all the tension and toxins of the busy season out, and enjoy it with your significant other! Plus, bonus, it’s super romantic.

2. Star Gazing

Grab an air mattress and pump, a few pillows, and some snacks and head outside of the big city where stars are clear and easy to see. Download Google Sky or another star gazing app, and enjoy looking at constellations together. Another great thing, minus the price of gas and snacks, this date is totally free.

3. Bookstore Read-a-thon Date

Either bring your own novel or go find a new one at your favorite bookstore, and cuddle up on one of their chairs or tables at a cafe, and spend some time unwinding with a favorite book.

4. Brunch

We make such a big deal out of Saturday chores, that Saturday often become more stressful than weekdays. The fuss of getting ready for a dinner date can sometimes lead to more stress. I suggest you ditch both of these ideas one Saturday or Sunday morning and just go to brunch. Have a lazy morning together, let yourself indulge in your favorite breakfast food, and enjoy someone else cleaning up the dishes! Or keep on those PJs and make something at home yourself. No makeup or shoes required!

5. Take a Long Walk

We often underestimate how peaceful, romantic, and nice it can be to just find some great scenery and hold hands while walking. If you live near a beach, lucky you- perfect walk location! If not, we love parks, lakes, rivers, canals, and mountains. Release some endorphins and enjoy this free activity together.

And if these ideas weren’t enough to help you unwind, Tommy Bahama, who has sponsored this post, is hosting a “Summer of Go” Sweepstakes giving away a lot of prizes this month to celebrate National Relaxation Day, including a relaxing trip to Hawaii! They’ll also dish out free soft serve on August 15th, so there’s another great free date idea if you have a Tommy Bahama in your hood.

Be sure to carve out a relaxing date this month, and enter the Summer of Go Sweepstakes!

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  1. These are all great ideas! I have to post these on my fridge… my boyfriend and I are so busy with all our work projects and kids, that sometimes we go weeks and weeks without taking a break just for us. It's sooo sooo important to take time one another. These are very sweet and easy ideas that I can see us using a lot! Awesome share, lady! Thanks!

  2. Do you know, I've only ever had one massage in my life?! i think a couples massage is a really lovely idea. So romantic too! We always go for long walks together until the sky goes dark Then we lie on the grass and watch the stars pop up one by one!

    Katie <3

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