7 Days in Peru Day 3: Maras Salt Ponds

Trip to Peru Day 3
Location: The Sacred Valley, Maras Y Moray- Maras Salt Ponds  

Cost: Admission is 10 soles, or about $2.80 per person. 
We also mountain biked in on an excursion through KBPeru for $74 per person to start in Moray and take mountain trails through the Andes down to Maras. A little pricey, but check out the first picture- worth it!  
Time: Plan 3-5 Hours for the bike trek and touring both Maras and Moray 
Tips: KBPeru guides speak English really well, and they’ll help you book any part of your trip and answer any questions. Our guide took us through several salt ponds, told us the history, and then drove us back to our hotel from there. We’d highly recommend the bike trek and tour! 
I had been telling Jacob daily how I felt like I was on location for a National Geographic photo shoot from our first day in Peru. When we stopped our bikes to overlook the amazing salt ponds of Maras my jaw literally dropped. I have never seen a place like this! 
Maras y Moray

Biking Tour Maras Peru

The salt occurs naturally in the ground, and a river runs through this area, meeting up with the land and creating the perfect place to mine salt.

Maras Salt Ponds Peru

These pools are created and they are each owned by an individual family who farms and sells the salt from that pool. Whenever a new family member is born, an additional pool is added and given to that family member. There are literally thousands of pools in this valley, with room to add more!

Maras y Moray Salt Ponds Peru

The Sacred Valley: Maras Salt Ponds

Peru: Maras Salt Ponds

We looked at pools at all phases, some were ready to mine! We even got to taste the freshest salt you can image.

Salt Ponds in The Sacred Valley Peru

Peruvian Salt Mines

Salt Mines: Maras Y Moray Peru

But this view, my word this view!

The Sacred Valley, Peru

Such a beautiful place I will never forget!

Things to see in The Sacred Valley, Peru

Salt Ponds Tour- Peru

Peruvian natural salt

Maras Sacred Valley Salt Pond

Maras Y Moray: Sacred Valley Peru

Sandwiched between some of the Andes, this is a must-see location that’s pretty easy to get to navigate around. We couldn’t believe the views on either side of the valley!

Urubamba Peru

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  1. That's just pure salt? How incredible, had no idea it bunched up like that. You're right – looks completely like National Geographic – your mind must've been completely blown by those views. So amazing.

  2. I am sooo glad that you are sharing this trip with us! WHO knew this was all in peru! that view is pretty gorgeous indeed! I also love your nail polish color and how adventurous you guys are!!!

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