7 Days in Peru: Day 7- Lima Government Palace and Plaza Del Armas

Trip to Peru Day 7
Location: Lima- Mira Flores and The Government Palace and Plaza Del Armas 

Cost: Free! 
Time: Plan a few hours to walk around, take pictures, watch the changing of the guards, and look at the neighboring shops and plaza. It may take some time in a taxi to get there too- Lima is very large! 
When in Lima it’s a must to go to the Government Palace and the Plaza Del Armas to see the iconic buildings and city culture. 

The architecture and ornate details had us at hello!

And the doors- oh the doors of Peru made me come back very sad to the plain, boring, neutral doors we have in the US.

This was also an excellent time to shop! Some of the best deals can be found in Cusco and Lima, and we waited for Lima to pick up some final souvenirs. It paid off, we saved quite a bit!

There are plenty of tourist and locals alike. I couldn’t help but snap a pic of the photo shoot for the quincenera. The doting mother (in purple) just cracked me up. She was more into this than the daughter!

Knowing the history of Peru and the earthquakes that leveled the city, I felt even more appreciation for the ornate churches and beautiful buildings!

We really enjoyed our time in the main plaza, as well as the drive back to the hotel in Mira Flores where we stayed. Lima is one unique, diverse, amazing city!

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  1. Hmm is it just me? The right half of the page seems to be oddly cut off. The pictures aren't effected…but after the first chunk of writing, all the other sentences cut off mid sentence and I can tell it looks like a coding issue or something because letters are cut in half. Also at the bottom the recommended posts are also cut in half.
    Again maybe it's just my computer but I'm just letting you know!

  2. Cool buildings! I'm trying to catch up on my blog reading, so maybe you have already answered this question . . . . but, what bag did you use on your trip? I'm always on the lookout for good cross-body travel bags. Thanks!

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