Guest Post/Collaboration Month

I recently decided that I wanted to be a little more involved in the blogging community, and that I was going to put myself out there a little more and connect with other bloggers outside of the AZ Blogger Meetup.

Around this time I decided I was going to make some time for guest posting. I had a new friend and then two of my favorite people approached me about teaming up for some projects. I was excited for a new adventure, and thrilled to team up with my two friends. I adore them both, and I honestly believe one day a fertility treatment will work and when I’m recovering from having quintuplets they will both single handedly manage this blog for me in return. Right ladies? Tap, tap, is this thing on?

Plus true friends make weird hand gestures in every pic they have together. It’s a thing. Trust me.

Kayla, me, Jen

First up was the new adventure! I recently met the amazingly talented Marily of I Heart AZ. If you haven’t checked this site out and you’re in AZ you need to change your ways! You’ll be in the know of so many things to do/eat/see/experience and they often provide great deals! I was so flattered when she asked me to blog about some of my favorite Arizona dates. Feel free to check out that post here:

I Heart AZ: Top 5 Arizona Date Night Ideas

Around this time my friend Kayla, who you may remember as half of team Camayla, asked for some collaborations with some Babble posts. She’s uber talented with amazing ideas, and in a former life I fashion blogged, so it’s always fun to work with her.

The first was a post she did on DIY Halloween Costumes. Let’s just say I’ve giggled for days about the accurate description of me having a mellow husband who goes along with my ideas! You can read that post here:

21 DIY Costumes Adults Can Rock This Halloween

She also granted me an illustrious modeling career that started and stopped in one day, just a few days before she delivered her adorable baby girl! As fate would have it, a texted pic of me in the girl’s section of Target wearing a fur vest and asking if I could pull it off would result in a super fun collaboration!

8 Ways Anyone Can Wear a Faux Fur Vest This Fall

My final collaboration I have a special place in my heart for. My friend Jen hosted an entire month dedicated to marriage on her blog. She sent the same questionnaire to seven different bloggers whose marriages she admired, asking for experiences and lessons learned. They are so excellent, we’ve all been married different lengths of time with different trials, and it’s awesome to see so many common themes! Seriously great stuff throughout the entire month! I think I probably got more personal in my responses to Jen than I have on this space of mine! Feel free to read all my dirt here:

Marriage Month: Interview With Camille From Friday We’re in Love

So there you have it friends, what I’ve been up to behind the scenes in the blogging community!

Want to collaborate on something? Hit me up while I still loving these fun challenges and deciding they are better than doing the dishes! Fridaywereinlove at gmail!

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  1. I loved your marriage month interview. The entire piece was nothing but good about your husband. Then at the bottom was your advice, don't speak ill of your partner to others. It just all fit together sweetly. Your past, to you growing as a team, genuinely happy for you to have found the other part to your whole.

  2. Your interview was marvelous. Thanks for being on my little ol' bloggy. And you know I've got your back when you guys become Jacob & Camille plus a Mil..lion babies.

  3. Nice job! I did read your Marriage Month post a while ago (I think you linked to it on FB??). Anyways, I thought it was great, open, and honest. You're doing great things!

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