Halloween Date Night- Zombie Sugar Cookie Baking/Decorating

Date Info: 
Halloween Sugar Cookie Baking/Decorating 
Price: Under $10- $6 for the cookie kit in stores, plus a few other grocery store ingredients. You can also buy a double kit pack online: Zombie Dance Party Cookie Kit
Location: At Home 
Time: 2 hours 
When October hits we love that we have so many Halloween themed dates to choose from. This past Friday I literally had a list of 8 things I found to do, and Jacob had a few things too! We decided a calmer night at home was in order, and when we saw that this Zombie Dance Party Cookie Kit existed, we knew it would be a really fun, inexpensive and creative date night at home. 
Halloween sugar cookies

We ran to World Market, where we got the kit for about $6, and decided one would be plenty for us!

Zombie sugar cookies

We came home and got to work!

Halloween date night at home

The kit had everything we needed except butter, an egg, powdered sugar, and milk. It was very easy to make the dough, even if you don’t bake at all you could definitely make these with ease.

Zombie cookie cutter

Creative Halloween Date Night

Inexpensive Halloween Date night

One of the beauties of zombie cookies is if a piece expanded weird, or a leg breaks off in the process it’s like- great- all the merrier! You just add to the ambiance of the zombie cookie.

Zombie Dance Party Sugar Cookies

We discovered last year that we’re big fans of vintage horror movies, mostly because I’m a wimp, and because they actually have a plot and often a shock factor. A little Hitchcock was in order while we sat down to wait for cookies to bake, and while we decorated.

Halloween Date: Hitchcock movie at home

Oh boy did we have fun with this part! Who knew tattered clothes and blood drippings would be so funny when created with frosting?

Halloween cookie date night

Decorate Halloween cookie date night

We were really happy to have about a dozen cookies when all was said and done. We gave them away to family members the next day who all laughed and seriously got a kick out of these creative cookies!

Zombie Cookie Decorating Date

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